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Love Your Skin!

Posted by mapphess on 26 October 2017
Love Your Skin!

 Have you ever thought to yourself, Id love to change my skin? When you look in the mirror do you ever think why can i never get this right! Why does my makeup never stay perfect like everyone else? I try everything and nothings working! We ALL think this, we've all had these thoughts and you know what, no matter what we do we always want someone else's skin. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and needs to be treated with care and respect all year round. From those dry deserted winters without the warmth of the sun to the hottest months of the year where your skin is over thirsty. We need to lean how to care for ourselves, our bodies, as its our temple and we want the best. Skincare is hard, there are way to many options out there. It gets especially hard for all of us who have no idea about skincare or get overwhelmed, trust me your not alone. There are copious amounts of products we need, but why do we need so many? We need different products for different areas on our skin. How do we find out whats best for our skin? Who can we trust to not sell us creams we don't need? 

This is where we come in, Mapp & Hession Pharmacy is well known for highly trained, knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves in understanding customer needs, knowing what is best for our customers and delivering exceptional customer service. We are always wanting to educate our customers on the right not the wrong, whether that is from skincare to medical  advice. We love the feeling of satisfaction, and our customers leaving full of knowledge not empty on thoughts. In saying that, we know and understand skin. We know it from inside & out, knowing is the key to achieving a clear, radiant glowing complexion.

We would like to introduce our Jurlique facial day. We are fortunate to have our highly trained Jurlique beauty therapist, Nikki on our team. She understands skin, she breathes and lives for the skin. Nikki has been our Jurlique therapist for quite a few years, she is lucky to be able to express her talent & passion with such a rich and warming company like Jurlique. We hold facial days once a month, kind of a monthly reminder that we are beautiful & our skin deserves it. Have you ever wanted to be able to pamper yourself but not had the time or even motivation? Then consider this, like our gift back to you. We start with a complimentary skin analysis, leading to a warming double cleanse, refining exfoliation to lift your new skin through, invigorating mask  then next we serum and apply a hydrating day cream to compliment your skin type. Once you start with Nikki, you'll never look back. We teach you about skin, we inform you on what you need and how can all of the products benefit you. We love to educate our customers & when we have someone like Nikki on our team, why wouldn't we use her knowledge? We are about you & your skin. 

If you like what we can offer, the you know what to do. Call us today, pop in and see us or send us an email and we can help with anything!  

Remeber, this is for you. You're worth it. 


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Jurlique Gift Time

Posted by mapphess on 23 March 2015
Jurlique Gift Time

It's time to select your gift from Jurlique!

Once a year Jurlique offer an amazing opportunity to save on their biodynamic Australian grown skincare products.

Simply spend $99 at Mapp & Hession Pharmacy on Jurlique products and you can choose between one of two gifts valued at $138.

The first gift contains a full size Rosewater Balancing Mist and 125ml Balancing Day Care Cream. the second option is for a full sized Rosewater Balancing Mist and 125ml Moisture Replenishing Day Care Cream.

There are limited gifts available so hop into Mapp & Hession Pharmacy and receive your gift from Jurlique!

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Napoleon Perdis Spring Extravaganza

Posted by mapphess on 4 October 2013
Napoleon Perdis Spring Extravaganza

Napoleon Perdis Spring Extravaganza

This was a fantastic night held at the pharmacy last month. Over 25 local ladies were treated to a makeup lesson from Napoleon Perdis makeup artist Sasha Hicks and the latest hairstyles from Bon Bon Hair Salon and a fashion parade from Muse Boutique. Music was supplied by DJ Corey. Looking forward to the next event on Wednesday December 4th which will be a One-on-One day with Napoleon Perdis makeup artist. Phone the pharmacy to book.

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Apply Well

Posted by mapphess on 22 August 2012


A new study conducted by French researchers has looked at how the quantity of sunscreen applied to the skin affects its ability to protect the skin.
Published in “The International Journal of Pharmaceutuics”, the research found that using half as much sunscreen lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the product by up to four times!
The researchers found that in most of the cases, halving the amount of sunscreen applied resulted in greater than halving of the SPF factor of the sunscreen.
Incorrect application of sunscreen could lower the SPF rating by anywhere from 2.5 to 13.5 which is very significant.

The message for all of us living in Australia is:-
• Use the highest possible SPF sunscreen
• Apply the product generously over all exposed areas of the skin
• Ensure the sunscreen you use has the broadest possible spectrum of protection. UVA and UVB should both be blocked.
• Re-apply at least as often as recommended on the packaging, and in most cases, more frequently than recommended

With spring upon us and another long hot summer coming up, the advice could not be more timely. Call into the pharmacy in King St and talk to us about the range of Ego SunSense sunscreens. Approved by dermatologists, Australian made and owned and very competitively priced. Prepare yourself for summer now.

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Vitamin D. Free from the sun?

Posted by mapphess on 12 January 2012
Vitamin D. Free from the sun?

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency has become a global health concern.

During pregnancy, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risks for pre-eclampsia and the need for a Cesarean section. The children who have been vitamin D deficient while in the womb are then at increased risk for developing asthma and other associated breathing disorders.

Professor Michael Holick is a worldwide expert on vitamin D and he claims "vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased risk for many chronic illnesses in children and adults including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, infectious diseases and some cancers."

The big question is how do we ensure we are getting enough vitamin D without exposing ourselves to increased skin cancer risk from too much sun.

Current Australian guidelines suggest 1000IU a day for adults and about half that amount for children. Dietary sources of vitamin D are limited to oily fish, cod liver oil and some fortified foods. Therefore supplementation and sensible sun exposure are the major ways to ensure we have enough of this important vitamin.

Prof Holick says "It has been estimated that exposure of arms, legs, stomach and back to an amount of sunlight that is half what it would take to cause a mild sunburn will give you approximately 5000IU of vitamin D3" It is not recommended at all to expose the face to sunlight as it is only 9% of the body's surface area and insufficient for vitamin D3 production. Sun exposure before 10am and after 3pm (when it's safest to be in the sun) is ineffective for vitamin D3 production. Even when you do get all the ingredients right for vitamin D3 production from the sun, you have to get this exposure almost every day!

Supplementation with vitamin D is therefore a practical and safe method of ensuring we receive adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Benefits of D3

The widespread deficiency that is sweeping Australia is becoming an increasing concern for health care professionals as vitamin D3 plays an important role in many systems of our body.

Bone health
Vitamin D3 maintains strong healthy bones. Vitamin D helps us to absorb calcium which we all know is important for bone health.

Muscle strength
Vitamin D3 maintains muscle strength. Vitamin D3 can also improve non-specific muscle pain which may be helpful in patients with fibromyalgia.

Immune function
Vitamin D3 maintains healthy immunity. By having an adequate level of vitamin D we are ensuring that our immune system is working optimally to ward of any colds and flus, etc. Exciting research has also shown that it can enhance the body’s immune response to both bacterial and viral infections.

Heart health
Vitamin D3 maintains heart health. Vitamin D can help lower blood pressure. Having a deficiency in vitamin D increases the risk of developing cardiovascular problems

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