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Is It OK To Use The "C" Word?

Posted by mapphess on 7 July 2014
Is It OK To Use The "C" Word?

A word reviled by so many people, we get more complaints about this word than any other!
Cholesterol!! There, I’ve said it. A lot of people don’t understand what it is, they’ve just been told they have too much of it. There’s no symptoms, but suddenly you have to watch it and, for a lot
of people, take medication for the rest of your life because of it.
Too much cholesterol in your blood stream starts to park itself in your arteries. More and more builds up forming a lump on the inside of your blood vessels making it narrower. Now blood has a harder time getting past this build-up so the blood pressure starts to rise putting more stress on your heart. If part of this build up comes loose, then it can lodge in the smaller vessels in you brain or lungs and this causes a stroke!
So, cholesterol is important! The good news is there are two types, “good” and “bad”. Just as the “bad” cholesterol lays cholesterol down in you arteries, “good” cholesterol has the opposite effect. You can raise your “good” cholesterol by exercising more, cutting down on the “bad” fats in your diet (remember, cholesterol-free food can still increase your cholesterol!) and increasing whole grains such as oats.

A good quality fish oil is essential for anyone watching their cholesterol and there is heaps of research to back this up. Just be careful, as “oils aint oils”. Cod liver oil is the wrong type for this purpose, the studies we’ve seen show, in our opinion, krill oil still requires more research, and ask to see the heavy metal (mercury and lead) levels in the product you are buying.
Coenzyme Q10 is another important supplement as is bergamot.
Cholesterol is a divisive and confusing subject, but a very important one. If you would like more information, please come in and talk to
us. As pharmacists and naturopaths, we have extensive information on traditional and alternative therapies

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Flatulence, Stomach Pain, Bloating?

Posted by mapphess on 18 June 2014
Flatulence, Stomach Pain, Bloating?
Can you clear a crowded room with your “back draft”? Do you suffer bloating and discomfort after eating?
Do you get heartburn or indigestion? Suffer with alternating constipation or diarrhoea?
There are lots of names for these conditions, such as “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” or “Functional Dyspepsia”,
but the bottom line (pardon the pun) is that they make you feel miserable.
Symptoms such as these can be serious, so if you’ve had symptoms that have been going on for a long
time, you have dark tarry stools, or your symptoms are getting rapidly worse, then make sure you see
your GP to rule out anything more serious.
We have seen many cases of IBS and functional dyspepsia in the pharmacy over the years, and while
not all of them are as severe as our friend here to the right, the condition often leads to the sufferer
becoming afraid to eat, or starting to eliminate certain foods from their diet to try to limit the symptoms.
Others  reluctantly take medication to try to relieve their symptoms.
A little while ago, we came across a product that combines nine different herbs. It had been formulated in
Germany and used there for over 50 years and is one of their most popular natural remedies. Recent trials in an
Adelaide hospital has shown it to be as effective as some modern drugs at relieving the symptoms of digestive
If you would like to discuss your symptoms with us, pop over to King St, have a chat to one of our pharmacists and we can
let you know if this product is right for you.  
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Are you tired of the snoring?

Posted by mapphess on 4 June 2014
Are you tired of the snoring?

If you are a snorer, or you have a partner that snores, you might just think that it's annoying and leave it at that.

You might not have realised it could be a symptom of sleep apnoea, a potentially dangerous condition where the walls of the throat come together during sleep, blocking off the upper airway. Breathing stops for a period of time (generally between a few seconds and up to one minute) until the brain registers a lack of breathing or a drop in oxygen levels and sends a small wake-up call. The sleeper rouses slightly, opens the upper airway, typically snorts and gasps, then drifts back to sleep almost immediately.

This goes on many times during the night and, because the brain is starved of oxygen, leaves the sufferer feeling tired all the time, even after a full nights sleep!

The consequences of this are increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. It even increases the likelihood of you having a car accident!

The good news is, diagnosis is now simple. In the past you would have to travel up to the Gold Coast and spend the night in a facility while they monitored your sleep. Mapp & Hession Pharmacy can now offer you this service in the comfort and privacy of your own home! This means you can find out if you have this serious condition with almost no interruption to your normal schedule. We have a fully qualified sleep apnoea expert with many years experience in this field, so we are able to advise if you would benefit from this service.

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Winter Colds Are Coming!

Posted by mapphess on 24 April 2014
Winter Colds Are Coming!

Did You KNOW.....?

The average adult will get 2-4 colds a year.
The average young child will get 6-8 colds are year
There are thousands of different viruses that cause the common cold making immunisation
Most colds will last about a week and we get over them and go about our daily lives. If you
have other conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma or are older, then they can be very
We recommend increasing fluid intake, resting as much as possible, limiting alcohol and caffeinated drinks and practising good hygiene
to limit the spread of the infection to your loved ones. See your doctor if it goes on too long or you develop more serious symptoms!
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I don’t want to get sick 2-4 times every winter, so I take action every April!
Andrographis has become one of our favourite herbs for treating and preventing the dreaded lurgies that are coming our way with
the colder weather. Research has shown that it can not only reduce the severity of cold symptoms, but it may also help to prevent colds
when taken regularly.
Combined with other immune boosting herbs such as Echinacea and Olive Leaf, these ancient herbal therapies can be a very useful
addition to our modern way of life.
Depending on your preference, we can provide these herbal preparations in either the convenience of a high quality, standardised
extract in a tablet, or we can personalise a herbal formula just for you from our extensive herbal dispensary
For more information about this or any natural remedies, see Paul, Colin or Greg at Mapp & Hession Pharmacy in King St

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What Goes "Cramp" in the Night?

Posted by mapphess on 8 April 2014
What Goes "Cramp" in the Night?

If you suffer from muscular cramps, particularly at night, or restless legs while sleeping, you may
need to supplement with magnesium.
If you have a physical job, do regular exercise, or just perspire a lot in the warmer weather, then
you may need to increase your magnesium intake.
Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain
normal nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heart beat
steady, and helps bones remain strong. It also helps regulate blood glucose levels and aid in the production of energy and protein.
There is ongoing research into the role of magnesium in preventing and managing disorders such as high blood pressure,
heart disease, and diabetes.

The daily recommended dose of magnesium for adults is 300-400mg a day. Unfortunately, magnesium is an irritant to the stomach
(think magnesium sulphate, known as epsom salts!) so it is very difficult to take enough without causing diarrhoea.
Most supplements found on supermarket shelves contain about 60-200mg of pure magnesium, so it is difficult to obtain the required
dosage and absorbability to exert a noticable effect.
We have partnered with several natural therapy companies that produce high potency and highly absorbable magnesium
supplements for different conditions.

Call in to the pharmacy and speak to Greg, Colin or Paul if you want to talk about this or any other issue.

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