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After Birth Considerations

After Birth Considerations

After Birth Considerations Fact Sheet

When the birth is over, there are still other considerations which usually are put on the backburner in the time coming up to the birth.

You will need to visit your doctor for 6 weeks after the birth to be examined to ensure that all is well and your organs and insides have returned to normal.

You have just experienced a physically traumatic event and it is only natural that you will not be feeling quite back to normal in all areas.
You may have received stitches and feel that you will never feel the same again. Warm salty baths may help the area heal. Your naturopath may have some other creams to speed healing as well.

You could also experience crampy pain while your uterus contracts back to its normal size.
Urinating could be painful because of the tenderness in that region. See your doctor if you are experiencing extreme difficulties.
Moving your bowels could pose a problem as the last thing you want to do is to push again and risk tearing your stiches and the area. Ask your midwife or doctor for a suppository. Alternatively you should eat more fibre and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day.

You could also be concerned about your weight and shape. Admittedly, it does take some time to regain your pre-pregnant shape again. However, with exercise and proper eating you will soon be back to normal. Your uterus will also contract as you start breastfeeding.
Another concern for new mothers is the prospect of having sex after childbirth. It is a matter of starting again when you feel comfortable with it. At first the only things on your mind will be the soreness you feel and getting the stitches out. It is also advisable to avoid getting any infection in the area. As well as this, your vagina may not be as lubricated in the first month or so after childbirth. At this time it is probably wise to practice other forms of sex.
You may also be concerned about the size of your vagina after giving birth. With pelvic exercises, time and a little loving persistence you will regain your shape and size.

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