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Belladonna Fact Sheet


Deadly nightshade is another name given to belladonna. It is a highly toxic plant which grows wild across Europe. Its name means "beautiful woman" in Italian. Ladies of Italy used to dilate their pupils with belladonna eye drops for a doe-eyed look.
The symptoms from belladonna poisoning include a dry mouth and hot, flushed skin, nausea, convulsions, and delirium.
Homoeopaths prescribe Belladonna for illnesses that have similar symptoms. All parts of the belladonna plant are used in the Homoeopathic remedy. The plant is crushed and pressed with the juice mixed with alcohol to dilute it.

This Homoeopathic Remedy May Aid...

  • common cold and flu, sore throat,
  • earache
  • high fever accompanied by chills,
  • inflammatory arthritis,
  • acute bursitis,
  • gallstones,
  • colic,
  • measles,
  • mumps,
  • acute diverticulitis, neuralgia,
  • sunstroke,
  • acutely inflamed varicose veins,
  • painful toothache,
  • painful menstrual periods,
  • teething pains in infants,
  • breast-feeding complications.


Belladonna is available over the counter in both liquid and tablet form.
Professional advice is required for
each particular ailment and for dosages.

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