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Natural Remedies > Apis Fact Sheet

Apis Fact Sheet

Apis Fact Sheet

(Apis mellifica)

Another name for Apis is the honeybee. Honey has been revered since ancient times when bees were a symbol of power, wealth, and wellbeing. Honey was chosen above all other healing substances. However, it is the bee itself that is used in Homoeopathic medicine.
This remedy is used to treat patients whose symptoms are similar to the results of a bee sting… And it is also prescribed for patients who are restless or irritable. The entire live honeybee is crushed and diluted by mixing it into a base.

This Homoeopathic Remedy May Aid...

  • bites and stings
  • conjunctivitis
  • edema
  • conditions of general swelling
  • headaches
  • red, swollen joints
  • mumps.


Apis is available over the counter in both liquid and tablet form.
Professional advice is required for
each particular ailment and for dosages.

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