Your skin is worth it!!

You need to look after your skin, it puts up with a lot. Our latest blog is all about looking after yourself.



We have searched the internet for sites to give you the best health information. Click on the headings below for many more links.


Prescription Medicine Information

This web site contains the most up to date version of Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and PI that are available in Australia.

It's My Health

Comprehensive health website with information about many different disease states

Australian Heart Foundation

The official website of the Australian Heart Foundation. Lots of information and even menus for heart friendly cooking

Better Health

Health website maintained by the Victorian government. Reliable information to help you maintain better health.


If you are considering quitting smoking, this site can get you on your way.

If your doctor has prescribed Champix for you, this is the link to the program that accompanies that prescription.

Australian government website offering simple tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.
Practitioner only supplements stocked by Mapp & Hession Pharmacy
Manufacturers of Inner Health probiotics and many other quality ingredients
Exquisite range of jewellery stocked by Mapp & Hession Pharmacy
Our weight loss program. Get plenty of weight loss tips and recipe ideas.

Are you Vitamin D deficient? This website helps you determine your levels and discusses the consequences of not having enough Vitamin D

How big a movie buff are you? Based on the game six degrees of seperation that claims that any two things are only separated by 6 steps. This site tracks the link between any actor you can think of and calculates how many steps it takes to get to movie star Kevin Bacon.

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