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Zinc for Depression

Posted by mapphess on 8 January 2014
Zinc for Depression

An analysis of seventeen studies looking at low zinc levels and depression has found there is a link between the two.

 Zinc is an essential micronutrient with a wide range of  roles in the body relating to cell growth, the immune system and brain activity that can help reduce depression. If you are concerned about your zinc levels, you can ask your GP for a blood test to determine if you are deficient.

People suffering from recurrent infections can find themselves deficient in zinc and a daily supplement can break the cycle of illness. Other benefits of zinc are in acne blemishes as well as other inflammatory skin conditions as well as skin infections.

The analysis that was conducted on zinc levels and depression concluded that "depression is associated with a lower concentrationof zinc " in the blood stream. If you suffer from depression and would like further information about the role of zinc, call into the pharmacy and speak to Paul or Greg to see if this inexpensive supplement would be suitable for you. 

Author: mapphess
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