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Winter Colds Are Coming!

Posted by mapphess on 24 April 2014
Winter Colds Are Coming!

Did You KNOW.....?

The average adult will get 2-4 colds a year.
The average young child will get 6-8 colds are year
There are thousands of different viruses that cause the common cold making immunisation
Most colds will last about a week and we get over them and go about our daily lives. If you
have other conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma or are older, then they can be very
We recommend increasing fluid intake, resting as much as possible, limiting alcohol and caffeinated drinks and practising good hygiene
to limit the spread of the infection to your loved ones. See your doctor if it goes on too long or you develop more serious symptoms!
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I don’t want to get sick 2-4 times every winter, so I take action every April!
Andrographis has become one of our favourite herbs for treating and preventing the dreaded lurgies that are coming our way with
the colder weather. Research has shown that it can not only reduce the severity of cold symptoms, but it may also help to prevent colds
when taken regularly.
Combined with other immune boosting herbs such as Echinacea and Olive Leaf, these ancient herbal therapies can be a very useful
addition to our modern way of life.
Depending on your preference, we can provide these herbal preparations in either the convenience of a high quality, standardised
extract in a tablet, or we can personalise a herbal formula just for you from our extensive herbal dispensary
For more information about this or any natural remedies, see Paul, Colin or Greg at Mapp & Hession Pharmacy in King St

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