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Remove Toxic Chemicals From The Home

Posted by mapphess on 18 June 2014
Remove Toxic Chemicals From The Home
If you’ve ever wondered about the chemicals in your household cleaning products, then you are
not alone. You may have tried more natural alternatives and been disappointed with the results.
We felt the same, and searched for a safe, effective product range that did the job, but was
We came across a product range from Murchison-Hume. Developed by a couple in Sydney,this
range of cleaning products is free from artificial ingredients and is completely safe to use around
food preparation areas and children and pets. It is based around a colloidal sugar product that has
been used industrially to clean up oil spills.
Even though there are products in the range for cleaning the bathroom (”Boys Bathroom Cleaner” so named because the couple have
two young boys) through to glass cleaners and dishwashing detergents, there are basically three ingredients in each product. Sugar, water
and natural fragrance mixed in different ratios. (Imagine finishing cleaning and all you smell is a pleasant natural fragrance.)
I know a pharmacy is not the natural place you think of to get your home cleaning products, but harsh chemical cleaners are enough of a
health issue that we felt the need to stock this range. Plus, they are amazingly effective at cleaning! We had one customer who usually used
heavy duty products to clean his BBQ, but decided to give the “Counter Intelligence” surface spray a go instead. He said his BBQ was back
to “showroom condition” and he’ll never go back to the old products again!
The products are inexpensively priced and are beautifully packaged. You’ll want to sit them on the kitchen bench rather than under the
sink! And they are not tested on animals and are completely non toxic.
For a limited time, if you purchase over $20 worth of Murchison-Hume products from Mapp & Hession Pharmacy you receive a voucher for
a punnet of organic seedlings from Farmers Choice Organics Nursery in Wollumbin St.
Author: mapphess
Tags: Murwillumbah Health Pharmacy
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