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Apply Well

Posted by mapphess on 22 August 2012


A new study conducted by French researchers has looked at how the quantity of sunscreen applied to the skin affects its ability to protect the skin.
Published in “The International Journal of Pharmaceutuics”, the research found that using half as much sunscreen lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the product by up to four times!
The researchers found that in most of the cases, halving the amount of sunscreen applied resulted in greater than halving of the SPF factor of the sunscreen.
Incorrect application of sunscreen could lower the SPF rating by anywhere from 2.5 to 13.5 which is very significant.

The message for all of us living in Australia is:-
• Use the highest possible SPF sunscreen
• Apply the product generously over all exposed areas of the skin
• Ensure the sunscreen you use has the broadest possible spectrum of protection. UVA and UVB should both be blocked.
• Re-apply at least as often as recommended on the packaging, and in most cases, more frequently than recommended

With spring upon us and another long hot summer coming up, the advice could not be more timely. Call into the pharmacy in King St and talk to us about the range of Ego SunSense sunscreens. Approved by dermatologists, Australian made and owned and very competitively priced. Prepare yourself for summer now.

Author: mapphess
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