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Have you gained immunity?

Posted on 25 May 2011

For many of us in this modern age of reality TV, the concept of “Immunity” means the contestant gets to spend another week losing weight on “The Biggest Loser”, roughing it in the wilderness on “Survivor” or living in the house on “Big Brother”.

We have all seen the contestants take an “immunity challenge” by undergoing an arduous task to “protect” themselves.

How many of us have considered “gaining immunity”, especially now that winter is coming, and the cold and flu season is upon us.
The good news is, protecting yourself is easy!

If you find yourself going from cold to cold during the winter months , or perhaps your just looking for ways to stop yourself getting sick, then you have to actively do something to “gain” immunity.

The immune system is a complex mechanism the body uses to rid it of bacteria and viruses that could potentially do harm. It involves blood and plasma, lymph nodes and the lymphatic system, bone marrow and the thymus to name a few.


It should come as no surprise that nutrition is the most important ingredient if you want a strong immune system. Eating highly processed or fast foods, doesn’t give you the nutrition you require for your body to function properly. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is your best defence, but when you feel you need to take vitamins, you should make sure you are getting Vitamin A, B6, B12, selenium, zinc and vitamin D. Vitamin D is rapidly gaining a reputation as an immune boosting dynamo!


When we sleep, the immune system is rejuvenated and strengthened. Melatonin is released when it is dark and helps us to maintain a good sleep. The other benefit of Melatonin is that it is a powerful antioxidant that helps the immune system while we sleep.


Regular, moderate exercise can have a beneficial effect on your immune system and make you more resistant to catching a cold. Exercise is also a great stress buster and stress can have a very bad effect on you immune system. Check out the local directories for a Tai Chee, Yoga or Pilates class near you and win the “immunity challenge”.


There are many supplements around that claim to boost your immunity and many herbs are used at different stages of an infection. We use a range of herbs at Mapp & Hession pharmacy including Andrographis, Echinacea and Cat’s Claw to name a few, as well as probiotics, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

The right advice is essential. Just picking something off the shelf at your supermarket when doing the groceries may not get you the results you want.

Call in and talk to Paul or any of the staff at Mapp & Hession Pharmacy about the right supplements for you and your family so you can be healthy this winter and “gain immunity”!!

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